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20 Jan 2020 19:00


The Heart of the Matter: Supermassive Black Holes

“The Heart of the Matter: Supermassive Black Holes” – Amelie Saintonge

Exactly how big are 'super-massive' black holes? What happens when they collide? How does a Space Ripple effect the spacetime continuum? Join acclaimed astrophysicist Dr. Amelie Saintonge for a fascinating Funzing Talk, where we delve into the stuff of science fiction, and explore the very real colossal disturbances in space-time.

It’s hard to think of something more strange and fascinating out in space than supermassive black holes; they are so dense that even light cannot escape their grip. When these cosmic monsters inexorably collide, so much energy is released that it sends ripples through spacetime.

It may sound like Sci-Fi, but it was Einstein who predicted the existence of these disturbances in the fabric of spacetime. Yet it took 100 years for astrophysicists to get the Nobel prize-winning evidence for these gravitational waves due to the mind-boggingly complex instruments required.

We are just now entering a truly fascinating era where we are no longer restricted to using light and our eyes to find out about the distant Universe, we can use gravitational waves to listen for cosmic collisions!

Join Dr. Amelie Saintonge in this talk for a fascinating story of cosmic collisions, bending space and incredible feats of science and engineering.

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