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Every Thursday & Friday night the Tokenhouse hosts a Live DJ playing the best in classic hits and funky fresh tunes that are the perfect accompaniment to your evening. Whether you want to party upstairs with friends or relax in the bar and listen, the Tokenhouse brings you great live music to start off your weekends!

P.S. Don't worry, we're still taking bookings as normal :)



16 Oct 2019 19:00 - 21:30

Funzing Serial Killer

“Can Anybody Become A Serial Killer?” by Jennifer Rees.

Can anyone become a criminal? Or is it just a predestined unlucky few? Would you commit a crime to protect someone you love?

There are biological risk factors that have been linked to violence - but is there really such a thing as 'Natural Born Killers'? Join Jennifer Rees, forensic psychologist, for a night of reviewing the evidence and uncover just how much neuroscience, genetics and hormones affect our dark sides. She'll also delve into criminal thinking patterns. And, how the brain is affected by drugs and alcohol, the weather, and that time of the month.

Jennifer will look into the social learning (monkey see, monkey do?) theory whilst considering mass murderers, school shootings and copycat killings.

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22 Oct 2019 19:00 - 21:30

Funzing Paranormal

“A Skeptics Guide to the Paranormal”  by Christopher French.

Ever since records began, in every known society, a substantial proportion of the population has reported unusual experiences, including seeing ghosts, feeling spiritual presence, psychic experience, near death experiences and UFO sitings, many of which could be labelled as “paranormal”. Opinion polls show that the majority of the general public accepts that paranormal phenomena do occur.

Led by Pr. Chris French, this talk will provide an introduction to anomalistic psychology, the study of extraordinary phenomena of behaviour and experience. Professor French will attempt to provide non-paranormal explanations for these types of experiences, by applying known psychological and physical factors.

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28 Oct 2019 19:00

Funzing Beyond Your Fantasies

Whatever Turns You On: Beyond Your Fantasies, by Dr Glenn Wilson - Monday 28th October.


More sex takes place in our heads than our beds. Being relatively uncensored, and tailored to our personal kinks, fantasy is closer to our real desires than our actual practices. Light is thrown on issues such as male-female differences in the content and meaning of fantasy life and the brain areas differentiating normal and variant themes. 


Join Dr. Glenn Wilson, author of "The Secrets of Sexual Fantasy", for a talk that reviews the considerable scientific evidence that has amassed in recent years.

This research is not just trivial and prurient. Dr. Wilson looks at the question of how to tell when fantasies are potentially dangerous and how they sometimes tip into criminal acts. Finally, he gives examples of how his expert testimony was called upon in a number of high profile court cases.


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12 Nov 2019 19:00

Funzing Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking: His Life, Work and Legacy, by Dr Stuart Clark

How did Stephen Hawking move us closer to a theory of everything? In which ways did his life's work have such a profound affect on Modern Science? What made his findings so ground-breaking?  

Stephen Hawking is one of the most recognisable scientists of all time, one of the greatest cosmologists of the modern age, not to mention a cultural icon for disabled people. His work took us closer to understanding the formation of the universe than anyone’s since Einstein.

Join award-winning author & science journalist Dr Stuart Clark for an extraordinary look into the life & work of the late great Professor himself. This talk will introduce Hawking’s ideas, set them in their astronomical context and describe the agenda his legacy sets for modern science. It will discuss the way he balanced fame and science, and will show that his greatest genius was the simplicity of his conclusion that the universe is an elegant, understandable place.


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Rugby World Cup 2019

The Tokenhouse - Your Rugby Home for the tournament from Japan this autumn. Find out more about matches, food, drink and prizes!

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